About Deb’s Wood Carvings

Every bend, curve and knot in a tree inspires me. They are my guides. Using a simple knife I hand carve each ornament out of salvaged birch, repurposed pine and spruce wall board, or driftwood from Newfoundland and Labrador.

I carved for the first time in 2015 after a large birch on our property blew down during a storm. I was helping my husband cut up the tree and was captivated by the beautiful white bark. I found myself rescuing some of the discarded limbs for reasons I didn’t quite know.

Around the same time I had visited a craft shop in Twillingate, NL and fell in love with a stunning wood turned vase filled with cattails that had also been turned on the lathe. I noticed the cattails were actually two parts…the stem was simply a wooden dowel while the “head” was finished on the lathe. It was beautiful but for some reason I was a little disappointed that the cattail wasn’t made from a single piece of wood. It occurred to me that perhaps I could carve a cattail, as a single piece, from one of my rescued birch limbs! That was the first time I picked up a carving knife. The results were, of course, more rustic than the lathe work but more importantly…I was introduced to the art of carving.

My goal is to give new life to a fallen limb through traditional carving techniques and careful hand painting. After carving each piece I add colour, using a wash of acrylic paint and water.

A single application of stain provides depth along with a subtle look of age. Finally, I finish off with a light matt varnish to help protect the delicate birch bark and painted surface.

I am always experimenting with new subjects, carving techniques, colours and finishes. Please follow me on Instagram where I will be posting new projects as I complete them.

I am very grateful to have discovered this wonderful art form and am excited to see where it takes me. I welcome you to join me on my journey.